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Trivium is a group of Accounting, Finance, Human Resources, Insurance, Tax, and Legal professionals. The team’s focus is to support investors and companies with managing their non-technical functions. Our team has experience taking companies from inception to exit over twenty-five times. Our success lies in the success of our clients.


Investors have a unique perspective and require information in a specific way. Our team members strive to understand what is the investor needs to know the pulse of the company and report in that format. Trivium’s goal is to make more use of information available to preserve the expenditure of capital.


As an entrepreneur you have limited time and capital to reach milestones. Trivium’s goal is to provide you with time tested best practices and to guide you through pitfalls that entrepreneurs usually face. Our team is utilized as one cohesive unit so you are able to focus on leading your company. Eliminate learning curve and be sure to have the best resources at your disposal.

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